About Us : Terms and Exclusions

Terms and Exclusions

Terms, procedures and exclusions

• BASIC & PLUS members shall benefit from services throughout Kingdom of Saudi Arabia  while MAX members shall benefit from services throughout GCC, Jordan, Lebanon, Egypt and Turkey.

• MID services are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, for the period of the membership up to 4 services .

• The membership services will start in 48 days from subscription/payment date.
• Towing in excess of the stipulated allotment shall be charged to the member at SR 1.5 per extra kilometer, payable on the spot.

• The services are not applicable in case of breakdown because of force majeure such as thunderstorm, fire, earthquakes, riots, hails, explosives, theft, water saturation, sandstorm, war, deliberate damage, etc.

• Services under this membership are exclusive to the vehicle and person registered in the application form. No services can be carried out without the physical presence of the member or one of the registered co-drivers.

• Any change in address, post office box, email or mobile number must be duly reported to MID.

• The membership and its benefits are not transferable to any other car.

• Members are bound by the laws, ethics, and inherent customs of the countries covered by MID Services.