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About Us

Middle East Auto Services (MID), is a company, in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, incorporated for a basic mission to provide a convenient Emergency Road Services for satisfaction of vehicles' owners encountering a breakdowns, in course of their traveling and traffic.

(MID) have nominated a competent, qualified and 20 years experienced staff in the field of Emergency Road services .

Our objectives and future vision are not only limited to Emergency Road Service, it also includes development of another services (i.e. we have vehicle services contracts) for the benefit of Vehicles' Owners.

(MID) began its duties on Road Emergency Vehicle Services, in Jeddah and expanded its services from one city to another. Now it covers all cities in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, by means of its collaboration with a distinguished and qualified engineers well trained to provide Road Aid and Towing Vehicle Services.

(MID) has arranged many programs for services that cope with diverse interests of Auto dealers, insurance companies and incorporations handling fleet of vehicles as well as for any vehicle owner.

Now, (MID) provides its services to many Auto Dealers assisting them in providing service to their client, the buyers of new vehicles as well as their long-standing clients.